Holy Christ School one of the premier and oldest institutions of Bangalore, serving as a beacon of knowledge to the society for more than five decades, is run by a management highly dedicated to the cause of education.

7th January 1961, the day Holy Christ Educational Society was established by our Founder Shri. G. Daniel Bakthavathsalam. 

Even to this day, the School functions under the wisdom and guidance of its beloved Late. Founder. Shri. G. Daniel Bakthvathsalam and the love and humaneness of its President Smt. M.V Mythiley.

HCS continues to be a beacon of Learning under the able administration of Smt. Veena Yamini Bakthavathsalam,  our Hon. Secretary and Correspondent and Smt. Rehana Ahmed, our Principal.

We are an English Medium School, permanently recognized by the Government of Karnataka, affiliated to the State Board. We have classes from Montessori to X Standard.

Our alumni are distinguished members of this lovely world and dazzle across professions, countries and life choices.

These alumni and the present students have been chiseled to their perfection by our dedicated and selfless team of trained and qualified teachers.




Holy Christ School will set the standard of value-based education for the children of the twenty-first century. We are committed to provide the students of Holy Christ School an unparalleled learning experience that will see them grow as balanced individuals socially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.


The mission of Holy Christ School is to educate and empower children to be dutiful citizens and rightful leaders for our society. We do this through our consistent commitment to our philosophy of building a better student at a time!

Beginning with building a secure sense of self in each child within a classroom, to new ways of learning and comprehending basic formal education and new ways of perceiving their life and world, the students of Holy Christ School set out on a journey of self-development and learning.

Children are exposed to multi-cultures and faiths and seeds of tolerance and love for their fellow human beings are planted through our interfaith approach of celebrating the wisdom of all religious doctrines. In this inclusive environment, children learn to look beyond physical appearances, peer pressures, pseudo-need to fit in and instead channel their life towards holistic excellence and success, and stand out as exemplary people!






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