We are committed to providing a solid foundation for your child's education. We know that this is an extremely important stage of learning and is the vital foundation upon which further schooling will build.

Our goals are to foster a genuine love of learning in our students and to develop their natural interests and abilities.

We firmly believe in a strong partnership between parents and the school. We send home parent-teacher communication books every week to keep families informed about what we are doing in class and any special events.


Primary & High School

HCS empowers every student with the basic human values, skills and knowledge required to cope with the competitive challenges of the complex world.

Presentations in the form of elocution, debating, and quizzes, extempore and so on form a very important part of our curriculum to develop the child in his confidence level and presentation skills.

A right mixture of sports & extracurricular activities ensures an overall personality development in every student. They comprise of Yoga, Physical Education, Art, Dancing, Computers, and Personality Development with Moral value education.

At our Primary level from Standard First to Seventh we have evolved a learning system, which concentrates on the development of a student’s self confidence, along with the well defined curriculum through a wide variety of extracurricular activities. In today’s changing world scenario it is imperative for a child to have the confidence and be capable to create a path for themselves with dignity and dedication.


Education & Curriculum

Teaching involves regular interaction with children in a changing world. What was perfectly aright a decade ago has now become redundant. And so, teachers have to be equipped well enough to cope with the changing atmosphere inside the classroom.

Activities include workshops to share innovative teaching techniques, and updating teaching methodologies along with talks give by eminent people on understanding and improving the socio-emotional intelligence of the children. Workshops also include annual competitions, among teachers of various schools. Children have various other other activities like Yoga, Karate, Assembly Themes, Innovative Hubs, Learning Carnivals.

The school also takes care of the emotional needs of the children. The teachers counsel children on a one-on-one basis to help them resolve their emotional problems, and also address the classes on issues that concern them.


Language pattern in Primary School

All schools following the state board for secondary education (SSLC) curriculum need to follow a three-language formula. The medium of instruction is English, Kannada is introduced as a second language in Class 1.

 Languages offered

 1st Language – English /2nd Language – Kannada

Curriculum for classes 4th – 7th

The subjects taught are 1,2,&3 languages, General Science, Social Science, Mathematics, Art, and Computer Education.

 Language pattern in middle school

English continues to be First language. Hindi is introduced as a Third Language in Class 4.

 Language Options:

  • 1 Language – English
  • 2 Language – Kannada
  • 3 Language – Hindi

 Curriculum for classes 8th – 10th

The subjects taught are 1,2,&3 languages, General science, Social Science, Mathematics, Art, and Computer Education.