Our library is well maintained with a good collection of books on various topics. Our library has the books on reduction, academics, ethical values, religious values, philosophy, literature,etc.

To cultivate the habit of book reading, impart knowledge we maintain regular, journals, magazines, comics, novels, story books etc.

It is located in serene & pleasant environment avoiding all the disturbances caused. Arrangement is done in such a way the students can involve in reading in a comfortable and peaceful manner.



Our school has a provision to opt the language, as we have 3 language systems – Kannada, English & Hindi. The students are bifurcated and sent to concerned language rooms.

Here our teachers teach with all the exponential required knowledge about the great laureates of the times and their style of writing opted in the poetry, prose, novel, drama and they are made familiar with the language, made eloquent.


Well equipped lab is located in a safe place of our school premises. A collection of models, charts are displayed in an interesting manner which makes the students enthusiastic towards the subject. Apparatus and chemicals are provided in the lab to conduct experiments. Demonstrations are given in class rooms as well as lab by our science teachers to facilitate the students and make them aware about the subject.




Digital classrooms are an indispensable part of our educational methodology. In these digital classrooms using the interactive whiteboard technology, leaning comes alive.

Modern educational trends are rapidly moving away from the traditional “chalk and talk” methods of education to more interactive, progressive outcomes-based education. No longer are learners expected to sit passively and absorb information while the teacher drones on in the front of the classroom. Instead they are encouraged to discover things on their own. The premise is that we learn better from personal discovery than from passive listening.

Holy Christ School has included the Tata ClassEdge Digital classrooms as an extension of the innovative teaching methodology of the school. In these digital classrooms using the interactive whiteboard technology, learning comes alive. Through this medium abstract subjects also become real and interesting thus making learning fun and building curiosity towards the subject in the young minds. They have become an indispensable part of the school and student life.