Holy Christ School believes that a sense of discipline inculcated in a young mind is the key to change the larger world and create a society of responsible citizens. The school policies defined by the management are a comprehensive set of rules and regulations that we request the parents and students to acknowledge and abide strictly.

School Timings:

Taking into consideration the crunch for space on Bangalore roads, Holy Christ School adheres to timings which ensures less commute time for a child. Students must report to the school 10 minutes before the school Assembly Prayer.

Montessori   I, II, and III Batch 1      


8.45 AM to 12.30 PM

Montessori  I, II, and III Batch 2            


1.00 PM to 3.45 PM

I to X standard              


8.20 AM to   3.45 PM

Entire School               



Short Break   

All days

10.10 AM to 10.30 AM

Lunch Break 


12.30 PM to 1.00 PM


Students are expected to be in neat and clean uniform with black shoes. Parents are requested to regularly monitor the quality of their child’s dressing and personal hygiene.

Boys must have regular haircuts and clipped nails.

Girls must wear long hair in a single plait with a neat black band. Girls with short hair must wear a Head band and ensure the hair is well kept and not sport disheveled looks. Gold ornaments, long earrings, anklets, henna, nail colour, eye makeup, long nails are strictly prohibited.

     Monday, Tuesday, Thursday                            Grey T-Shirt and Tracks

     Wednesday & Friday                                          House colour T-Shirts and Tracks


Leaves & Permission:

If a child is unwell, parents must ensure to call the office and inform about the child’s absence for the day before 9.30 AM.

If leave is required in advance for personal family reasons, parents must send in a leave request in the child’s school diary and seek the Class Teacher and Head Mistress/Master’s signed approval.

Any parents who want to take their children home during class hour must provide a letter in writing and must come in person to take their wards. However, the school appreciates if parents avoid this, unless required for emergency.

General Discipline:

Holy Christ School follows the ‘No Mobile, No Money’ policy. Parents are requested not to indulge their children with excess money or a mobile. If a child is found with unwanted cash or a mobile, the child will be expelled from school. This is a non-negotiable policy and we request parents and students to ensure that such a scenario never occurs in their tenure with the school.

· Students need to express high discretion in their language and behavior. Usage of foul language, disrespect to faculty, disturbing class decorum, behavioural problems and fights with classmates must be strictly avoided. Any such behavior will only make the child liable to be expelled from the school.

· Class work, homework, tests and exam performance scores, weekend assignments, projects and academic excellence is a mandatory requirement. Students are required to ensure that they meet all the essential criteria to move ahead in their academic performance.

Note to Parents:

We need your support in providing holistic and quality education to your child. Education is a partnered effort of us and YOU! Below are a few mandatory requirements that we expect from you to ensure your child grows to be an intellectually and emotionally balanced child:

· Please ensure to read your child’s diary every day. Please feel free to use it is as a medium to communicate with the teacher.

· The School shares regular information through the class diary or through printed circulars. Kindly acknowledge them and wherever applicable, respond. It will encourage the faculty to perform better.

· Parents-Teachers Meetings are your chance to monitor your child’s holistic development. We request all parents to ensure that they make it to such meetings. We ensure that these meetings are held on Saturdays for you to arrange your work schedules accordingly.

· You are free to meet the Principal/Head Mistress for any clarification or issue. If not in any Education Department meetings or any other tasks, they are available only during the following days and timings:

                                                 1. Tuesday              3.00 PM to 4.00 PM

                                                 2. Thursday            3.00 PM to 4.00 PM

Parents are requested to refrain from walking in for sudden meetings with the Principal/Head Mistress and it will be immensely appreciated if they adhere to the above mentioned time slots.

Fee Payment Process and Details:

The fee collection system is a two-time fee mode, to be paid for the entire year. Parents must pay the fees either at any ICICI Bank Branch using the Transaction ID received on their registered mobile phone. Parents must adhere to the date given as the School nor the Bank will generate multiple transaction IDs for a child and it should be utilized before the prescribed expiry date. Parents can also use the same transaction ID to pay via Net Banking or with their credit/debit cards online. HCS with its highest level of integrity is the first school to avoid any kind of cash transaction at the School Counter and the fees is collected only via ICICI Bank. There will be no other fees collected from the children throughout the academic year. To know the fee structure and payment details, please contact the School Office.

HOLY CHRIST SCHOOL in its 60 years of existence strictly abides by the “NO DONATION” Policy. We are proud to share that as an organization we try our best to provide quality education within the prescribed and highly nominal fees and in most cases, provide freeships worth Rs.7 Lakh and above in a year for meritorious students from economically challenged backgrounds. This is the vision and philosophy of our Founder Sri. G. D Bakthvathsalam and we live by this philosophy.

With the nominal fees that we charge, we provide free Karate, Yoga, Dance, Music and Art and Craft classes for our children. Also, we provide co-shared expense school trip to all our kids, as money should not be a reason for a child losing out on one of childhood's happiest memory!  



  •  Students should pay equal attention to all subjects.
  •  All the subjects should be read every day.
  •  Every day thirty minutes should be devoted for each language.
  •  All the subjects should be revised on week-ends and holidays.
  •  A minimum period to five to six hours should be spent for studies every day.
  •  Students should study both in the morning and evening.
  •  Doubts should be immediately recorded to be clarified later.
  •  Except world news and sports, do not pay attention to any type of TV entertainment such as hearing or watching undesirable stories, serials, movies, music etc.

    Golden advice from the management is, not to sit more than 30 minutes in a day in front of your TV. If a parent follows this instruction towards his/her ward, he/she will be a more worthy parent in bringing up a worthy child (student).